Isabelle Faust & Pablo Heras-Casado -《德尔颂小提琴协奏


专辑英文名:Mendelssohn: Violin Concerto - Symphony No. 5 & The Hebrides专辑中文名:德尔颂小提琴协奏曲 等艺术家:Isabelle Faust & Pablo Heras-Casado古典类型:全集作品资源格式:FLAC版本:[24 bits 96 KHz]发行时间:2017年08月25日地区:美国语言:英语简介:

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新片 | 从未“听过”如此詮释孟德尔颂小提琴协奏曲
古典纵横赵毅敏2017-09-02 05:04:28

恭喜伊莎贝尔·福斯特(Isabelle Faust)以莫扎特小提琴协奏曲全集获得2017年度《留声机》古典音乐大奖中的“最佳协奏曲奖”。这张由Harmonia Mundi发行的新唱片,虽然不是她个人的专辑,但肯定是以浮士德的“大热”去带动西班牙指挥家帕布罗·赫拉-卡萨多(Pablo Heras-Casado)这套完成中的孟德尔颂交响曲全集的唱片。(这套录音将另文介绍)





德国小提琴演奏家 Isabelle Faust 携手指挥家 Pablo Heras-Casado 以及德国乐团 Freiburger Barockorchester 共同演绎孟德尔颂的经典曲目。她演奏孟德尔颂的 E 小调小提琴协奏曲,呈现返璞归真的雅致美感。


引用Release Date August 25, 2017
Duration 01:01:35
Genre Classical
Styles Concerto
Symphony Recording DateMarch 19, 2017 - March 22, 2017
Recording Location Sala 1, Paul Casals, l'Auditori de Barcelona, Espagne

Mendelssohn* – Isabelle Faust, Freiburger Barockorchester, Pablo Heras-Casado ?– Violin Concerto, Symphony No. 5 'Reformation', The Hebrides
Label: Harmonia Mundi ?– HMM 902325
Format: CD
Country: Europe
Released: Aug 2017
Genre: Classical
Style: Romantic

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Harmonia Mundi Musique S.a.s.
Copyright © – Harmonia Mundi
Copyright © – Igor Studio
Copyright © – Felix Broede
Copyright © – Thomas Dorn
Copyright © – Annelies Van Der Vegt
Recorded At – L'Auditori de Barcelona
Manufactured By – Sony DADC – A0102872236-0101
Art Direction [Direction Artistique] – Martin Sauer
Composed By – Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy
Conductor, Directed By – Pablo Heras-Casado
Cover [Couverture] – Igor Studio
Edited By [Montage] – Julian Schwenkner, Martin Sauer, Sebastian Nattkemper, Thomas B??l
Engineer [Prise De Son] – Tobias Lehmann
Liner Notes – Clive Brown (2), Roman Hinke
Liner Notes [Traduction Clive Brown] – Christopher Bayton
Liner Notes [Traduction] – Magalie Pès
Liner Notes [Translation] – Charles Johnston
Liner Notes [übersetzung Clive Brown] – Stephanie Wollny
Orchestra – Freiburger Barockorchester
Photography By [Freiburger Barockorchester] – Annelies Van Der Vegt
Photography By [Isabelle Faust] – Felix Broede
Photography By [Pablo Heras-Casado] – Thomas Dorn

Isabelle Faust and Pablo Heras-Casado play Mendelssohn – Too HIP?

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know I’m a huge Isabelle Faust fanboy.

Actually, I was mentally expecting another 5 star album when I saw what was just released, not suprisingly given my previous reviews (see here for the violin concertos of Mozart and Brahms, Brahms violin sonatas, her Beethoven sonata cycle is another reference for me, or her recording of Schumann’s violin concerto and piano trios).

Mendelssohn: Violin Concerto / Symphony No.5 / The Hebrides – Isabelle Faust – Pablo Heras-Casado – Freiburger Barockorchester (Harmonia Mundi 2017)

So, why don’t we get another 5 star review here?

Several reasons.

I’ve mentioned before in my review of the Mendelssohn’s symphonies by Yannick Nézet-Séguin that I just cannot relate very much to symphony no. 5. So I’ll leave the judgment of that work to others. I was hoping to like Heras-Casado’s previous recent recording of Mendelssohn’s 3rd and 4th (review not published), but found it a bit too rough on the edges to be really of my liking.

So, what about the centerpiece here, the violin concerto? Well, I cannot be to hard on Faust overall, her playing is flawless and impressive as usual. So what’s not to like?

Well, here we go into personal taste. I’ve always really liked the “historically informed” practice (HIP) using little vibrato, and often gut strings. I really feel it adds something to the music compared to the classical performance style of the 1960s-1980s.

And that’s exactly what Faust does here. Very, very, very little vibrato. Her Stradivarius, “Sleeping Beauty”, always had a slightly slimmer, shinier tone than others, which usually worked wonders for me.

But I’m sorry, it really doesn’t work for me at all with Mendelssohn. I just miss the fat romantic sound.

I’ve now played this album four times in the last days to see if it grows on me. And I just can’t get over it. So I’ll always refer you back to other recordings, like Janine Jansen’s beautiful album with Riccardo Chailly (mentioned in my 25 Essential Classical albums). Vibrato all the time (even though Chailly has done a good job putting a little bit of HIP into the Gewandhaus’ playing). And I just love it.

But that is not to say you shouldn’t check this album out. This really is purely based on personal preference, both Heras-Casado and Faust do an excellent performance.

The highlight of this album to me is the Hebrides overture, where the above mentioned roughness of the Heras-Casado and the Freiburger’s really works to paint the rough Northern landscape.

My review: 3 stars (and really only based on personal taste, you need to check it out to form your own opinion)

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Violin Concerto Op. 64 E Minor = E-Moll = Mi Mineur
Violin, Soloist – Isabelle Faust
1. I. Allegro Molto Appassionato 11:21
2. II. Andante - Allegretto Non Troppo 8:09
3. III. Allegro Molto Vivace 5:37
4. The Hebrides – Concert Ouverture Op. 26 B Minor = H-Moll = Si Mineur 9:48

Symphony No. 5 "Reformation" Op. 107 D Minor = D-Moll = Ré Mineur
5. I. Andante. Allegro Con Fuoco 10:32
6. II. Allegro Vivace 4:53
7. III. Andante3:24
8. IV. Choral “Ein Feste Burg Ist Unser Gott” Andante Con Moto - Allegro Vivace - Allegro Maestoso 7:51